Bellydance classes

How bellydance helps women build self confidence and self esteem
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“I decided to attend bellydance classes after separating from my husband and after my mum died. My marriage left me with a lot of insecurities about the way I look and my femininity. Eighteen months after joining hipsinc, I have noticed a big difference in the way that I am. For the first time in my life I feel sexy and feminine.I have also noticed a difference in other aspects of my life. I no longer feel as shy as I was, (dancing in front of an audience on stage and in restaurants does that to you!). My increased confidence also helped me set challenges for myself. I have travelled alone to Cuba and have recently gone down the escalators in Centrale, which is a big step for me as I’m scared of heights! Finally, I have made some great friends who I enjoy socialising with and being part of a family that is hipsinc. Oh, yes, and having a waistline is also very nice!”

“When I went to my first class I really didn’t think I would like it but I wanted to do some kind of exercise that wasn’t as boring as going to the gym but I surprised myself because I really liked it and I was very quickly hooked. Since then it started to become clear that I was starting to be able to look at myself in full length mirrors and after a few months I even started to get my belly out even though I am a not a skinny mini, which I never in a millions years thought I would have the confidence to do. In some ways I feel as if my self esteem has improved so much that I feel guilty for allowing myself this happiness. The more I thought about it though the more I realized that just because I was a mother and not stick thin didn't mean I was not able to have some time each week for myself.

Now nearly 2 years later I love belly dancing more than words can say and I never see myself stopping. If I tried to write everything this dance genre has changed in my life we would be here all night, the friends, the confidence, the interesting conversations, the self esteem, the giving me something else to think about and lose myself into when life brings me down are just a few of the things Bellydancing gives me.”

“For me it has been an absolute tonic, it has increased my fitness and my self- confidence, and my circle of friends!! It is also a great reason to get all glammed up and have lots of fun with like-minded people, as well as learning a new skill.”

“Belly dancing is great, it has helped me lose weight and gain confidence and has also helped me make friends. Charlotte is a great teacher whenever I get a step wrong she helps me and I feel happy. Belly dancing shows that anyone fat or thin tall or small can still dance and show others how great they are.”

“Taking bellydance classes with hipsinc is the best decision I’ve ever made. I had major body and self-confidence issues that were impacting on my day-to-day life. Learning to bellydance has made me realise that womanly curves should be celebrated and it has boosted my self-confidence. It’s connected my mind with my body, in a positive way, for the first time. The classes also helped me to cope with a recent bereavement, it gave me a focus and the 'feel good' factor of the classes, and bellydance itself, helped me through an extremely tough time. Bellydancing has become an important part of my life thanks to Charlotte and hipsinc. The hipsinc classes stimulate mind and body and are enormous fun. I’d encourage women everywhere to shimmy over to a hipsinc class and join the fun.”

“I have gained so much from belly dancing, I think its the confidence it has given me you can feel and look sexy any shape you are. Before coming to belly dance, you would have never seen me dance in a club or disco, I wouldn't have had the confidence to get on a dance floor. But now the minute I hear Shakira I would be there and shimmering the night away and better still - I smile I feel happy about me.”

“Learning Belly Dancing is a bit like a secret weapon for women - like wearing exciting underwear that no one can see, but you know you are wearing it!!!! My confidence levels are soaring since starting the classes and if nothing else - it's a great opening topic of conversation - but do be prepared for requests to demonstrate!”

“Bellydancing has tremendously helped me mentally, physically, medically, socially and every other way, shape and form you can think of. I’ve always enjoyed dancing from as far back as I can remember but unfortunately I was never able to take it up seriously for cultural and religious reasons, so I’d dance secretly in my bedroom whenever I could. Now, three teenage children, a lifetime and a loving and very supportive husband later, I'm a working mum by day, and become beyond recognition as I lose myself once a week at Charlotte’s fun, exciting and very lively classes which I recommend to absolutely anyone whatever their physical ability is. Charlotte’s bellydance classes have truly transformed and completed my life!”

“When I started belly dancing I went all by myself and I was so nervous. It did not take me long to notice that the group of women around me were all different ages, different shapes and sizes and from a range of backgrounds and I realised they were probably as nervous as me when they started. After the initial why did you start belly dancing? question, you find you have so many other things in common with other students and it feels like you have known them for years. I have made so many friends, so many more than I could have imagined, and now belly dancing isn’t just something to do on a Tuesday evening itís a part of my life now and I couldn’t live without it I’m completely addicted.”