Bellydance classes

Keeping fit and losing weight
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“I started belly dance to strengthen my back as I had had quite severe problems. I know it has increased my flexibility and much more importantly I just feel great after dancing. Belly dance is great exercise, the ladies are lovely and it is just such fun.”

“It's a fun way to keep fit, I have discovered muscles I never knew I had! A friendly and supportive atmosphere where you can work at your own pace e.g attend classes once a week or take it further and perform, the sky's the limit! I really enjoy the classes and, as well as discovering muscles I never knew I had, I've met a great group of people and increased my social circle. I imagine there's not many people who can say they can write the alphabet with their hips!”

“Belly dancing is great, it has helped me lose weight and gain confidence and has also helped me make friends. Charlotte is a great teacher whenever I get a step wrong she helps me and I feel happy. Belly dancing shows that anyone fat or thin tall or small can still dance and show others how great they are.”

“I first took up bellydancing to surprise my husband for his birthday and lose some weight. I took some private lessons to begin with while also attending hipsinc classes. My husband thoroughly enjoyed his surprise and I enjoyed belly dancing so much that I continued with the classes. I find it sexy, fun, great for losing weight and it can boost your confidence.”

“I started belly dancing eight months ago and I have to say it has turned my life around. Having suffered with a bad back for many years, I am now far more agile and flexible than I have been in a long time. My posture has improved so much that someone recently commented that I now "walked like a model" i.e. upright and positive. Not only has my back improved, my cholesterol levels amazingly have plummeted. I have also managed to give up smoking since starting the classes and instead of a cigarette at home, I have put on a dance track and belly danced around the kitchen for five minutes instead!”

“Since I started bellydancing nearly a year ago it has been wonderful. I've met some lovely new friends and reconnected with my love of dancing that I'd rather forgotten about recently. My figure has improved and returned to more like the pre-Alex state it once was, so my waist is restored and I think my pelvic floor has forgiven me. Best of all I completely forget myself and my worries and just immerse myself in the music and attempting to learn the new routines! Above all it is fun!”

“When my friend said that she had just joined a belly dance class in Wallington. I thought what fun it would be, and from then on I have not looked back!!! It not only helps to re tone your stomach, hips, arms it also works on every other part of your body - you didn't think it would touch. ”

“For me it has been an absolute tonic, it has increased my fitness and my self- confidence, and my circle of friends!!It is also a great reason to get all glammed up and have lots of fun with like-minded people, as well as learning a new skill.”