Bellydance classes

Making friends and building a
social life

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“I first took a belly dance class about 7 years ago when I was going through a very depressing time in life. I was so desperate for some relief from my troubles that on an impulse, I took myself along to a local class for an hour. I can’t remember much detail other than for that hour, I had no time to think of my worries, I met some lovely women of all ages and sizes, and I tried out the mysterious 'camel walk' for the first time! I saw a little light at the end of my gloomy tunnel! Unfortunately that class had to close after a few lessons, but I promised myself that I would try it again one day.”

“A few years later I started regular belly dancing classes at various venues and have never looked back. Through the dance classes, I have made a wonderful new friend, taken part in shows and other social events, and have mixed with many other lovely people along the way. I love my present classes, they always cheer me up if I am down, they are great exercise and I get to hear music and rhythms I would never have known about before. And best of all, I can wear as many sequins as I like! I love it!”

“As you know, being a single mum I don't get to go out much and have very little time to myself. My Thursday nights are an escape for me and from the moment I start the class, it really lifts me and I come out feeling wonderful. I love dancing and exercise and this is the best of two worlds put together. I have made some brilliant friends and can't ever see me not doing it. - I'll be another Lillian (an 87 year old dancer). Thanks Charlotte, you’re a great teacher and a pleasure to be around.”